Psychotherapy Specialist
Psychotherapy is a journey to the inner life, where riches of information, stimulation, and insight await you. The journey asks for time, work, curiosity, over an extended period, usually. The most common motivator to begin therapy is pain. Emotional pain endures and is often beyond our ability to diminish without help from a professional.

I have been in private practice of psychotherapy for over 30 years, acquiring skill and expertise that qualify me to offer both individual consultation, from one to several sessions, as well as long term individual, group and couple therapy.

My long and varied clinical experience as well as personal and ancestral history combine to create lifelong interests in and success in treating emotional trauma and its effect on family members, couples, survivors. These traumata include death, particularly sudden, parenting such as ongoing emotional illness of a family member and other tragedies that cripple the human spirit. Therapy is needed in these sufferings.

I am also interested in fathering, particularly the legacy of our innate longing for paternal love and its outcome on our happiness.

This website has information about me and excerpts from some of my publications that may offer some idea about how I work. However, the most effective way is to come in for a single session, then assess if therapy with me is for you. If you are in pain or curious I suggest you call for an appointment.

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Psychotherapy Specialist
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